European Election 2024
Social Media Video Campaign for Carola Rackete: Showcasing German Citizens’ Hopes for Change Through Her Candidacy.

In this project, I served as Director of Photography and Director for all videos, capturing a vision of transformative political engagement. Carola Rackete aims to reshape political videos by amplifying diverse voices and inspiring others to join political activism.
Her approach challenges traditional political norms, embodying authenticity and inclusivity.

Lila Sovina

Together with Cyrus Lawton, Lila shares a powerful exploration of their music and political vision. As a musician, Lila uses their art as a form of creative resistance, striving to liberate queerness and advocate for gender equality, challenging heteronormative perspectives and pushing for greater rights and recognition.

Edit: Carl-Friedemann Kästner

The Bag Theory

What if we shaped the world not through power, but through care?

Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory” challenges the notion that history and progress are only the products of weapons and violence. Instead, she highlights that humanity has survived through gathering and sharing in bags—symbols of community and cooperation.

Edit: Carl-Friedemann Kästner
Script: Tian

Eckardt and David Dresen

Eckardt is a farmer from Lützerath, Germany, whose family had lived on their land for four generations. Faced with the threat of a massive coal mine, he fought to remain on his farm and offered sanctuary to activists opposing the development. Lützerath quickly became a powerful symbol of resistance against German and global climate policies. Notably, studies commissioned by the German government later revealed that the coal beneath Lützerath was unnecessary.

The eviction attracted international attention, with nearly 40,000 people attempting to halt the process. Despite their efforts, the police succeeded in evicting Eckardt and demolishing his farm within days. Some experts argue that the demolition aimed to dismantle the symbol of the climate movement.

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Sönke is a bus driver in Göttingen, Germany. He co-founded a union for bus drivers and, alongside climate activists and students, has been protesting for improved working conditions.
In this video, he takes us on a bus ride, sharing the challenges he faces in his work environment.

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Hila is an activist and educator dedicated to fighting racism and raising awareness about her homeland, Afghanistan. In this video, she offers insights into her work and what motivates her to support Carola Rackete in her upcoming election campaign.

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